Hi Brent! Thank you and your guys for the great work this morning. Here is a testimonial for the work! If you are okay with this, I would like to post it on Nextdoor so my neighbors all know about how good you are!


I recently noticed my yard was flooding in places when the irrigation ran. I contacted Brent’s Irrigation and when they visited, they quickly identified the problem was a leak underneath the flagstone. Today, they came and laid new irrigation pipe and all I can say is WOW! It was amazing to watch how they quickly dug up the old irrigation, laid the new pipe and covered the trenches. Not only do I have new – and working irrigation – you cannot tell where they did the work. They even had to dig up part of the grass and you cannot tell that the grass has been disturbed. And, they even hosed the pavement off, so there truly is no indication anything happened.

I would HIGHLY recommend Brent’s Irrigation. They have helped me before with simply fixing broken sprinkler heads and were kind enough to explain how to set and change the controls. It’s hard to find companies that do honest work at reasonable prices, but Brent’s Irrigation is one of the few companies you can trust!

Connie Clary
Brent came on time and did the job. He identified the easiest & cheapest repair- got it done; very happy to give 5 stars
john walsh
Had a line broken under the sidewalk. Brent sent Jose out to do the job. Jose came on time and did the job in under 2 hours. Front was left clean. Very polite and professional. Thanks.
john walsh

Ran into Brent at the Home & Garden Show and was looking for someone to do a simple repair. Brent was very professional and on time, two very important factors in any job. The price was reasonable as well. I will definitely use Brent's business in the future, not only for repair, but when I landscape my backyard.

Royalan Swanson

Over the past 10 years, Brent and his staff have consistently provided Board members and me with a high level of service, pro-active communication, and an outstanding commitment toward achieving Association goals.

Mark Breinig
Community Manager / CAAM, CMCA

Brent’s…has been the preferred landscape contractor for Springer Ranch HOA for the past eight years, Owner Brent Cilley brings a hands-on and results driven approach to the landscape requirements of the Board of Directors and the membership.

Any homeowner association or commercial property that contracts Brent Cilley and his team will be well served.

Ian M Welsh
Regional Manager / Premier Community Management, Inc.
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