During these cold months with the hard freezes I would recommend covering all the tender plants with the sheets. Also I would recommend covering any vacuum breaker that’s exposed to the elements as well.

Phoenix West Valley Irrigation Installation, Maintenance & Landscaping Lighting

For over 30 years, Brent's Irrigation Maintenance has been providing residential & commercial landscaping lighting & irrigation services to the West Valley of Phoenix. This means you, the homeowner, can have confidence that Brent and his team know what they're doing and they'll do it right.

Arizona's unique landscape lighting & irrigation challenges

It's no secret that Arizona has one of the more challenging environments for landscape irrigation & lighting design & installation. Although overnight temperatures don't get especially low, daytime highs of over 110F during summer are very common. Getting the right amount of water, at the right time, to the right plants is key in maintaining your back- or front-yard in pristine condition. "Ooops, I forgot to water the plants!" doesn't cut it for over half the year in Phoenix.

We're also experts in low-voltage landscape lighting. Assuming your plants are getting the water to survuve, why not have us discuss showcasing them for night-time viewing? A low-voltage landscape lighting system not only allows you to enjoy your yards at any time of the night, but will also impress your friends and family. Plus it's great as part of your security system!


Landscaping Lighting & Irrigation Experience are the difference

Just knowing which plants will survive the Arizona climate is a huge step in maintaining a year-round landscape. With many plants grown in Californian nurseries, consumers, and the inexperienced, can fall into the trap of thinking they'll grow fine here in the desert. Not so. Brent and his team offer expert advice on plant choice for your specific project. And, with many years experience in keeping them alive with expertly installed, and maintained, irrigation systems, they can ensure you have the best possible result.

24 hour emergency service1Your Phoenix Irrigation Repair Service

Brent's Irrigation Maintenance offers a second-to-none repair service for all your irrigation issues. They're proud to recommend, install and service the major irrigation brands like Hunter, Irritrol, RainBird, and Toro. Call them on 602-541-4764 for all your irrigation repair needs.

Landscape lighting for every occasion

This low voltage landscape lighting can add that special sparkle to your home any night - not just those special times like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween. These low voltage systems all utilize LED bulbs which flash through a range of colors from white through the rainbow. All at the touch of a button!

In addition, these lights are dimmable, may be set to various presets, or change to a variety of colors.

Forget the tedium of having to pull lights out of the garage every holiday season, not to mention the time taken to actually hang all those lights! All for what? A week, maybe 2, of holiday lighting? With our low voltage landscape lighing systems you can have all white, multi-colored, dimmable, or flashing landscape lighting all year round No light finding, no light hanging, no light putting away, and no falling off ladders!



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